Tuesday, June 3, 2014

CAP Great Lakes Commission Grant – Brush Creek Watershed (Henry, Fulton & Williams Counties)

CAP is seeking farmers in the Brush Creek Watershed, to install sediment reduction practices. If you own land or farm in this watershed you are eligible for cost share cover crops and buffer strips.

Sign-up for both programs is limited (see the information below).  To verify your land is in the watershed contact your local Soil and Water Conservation District: Henry SWCD-419-592-2926; Fulton SWCD-419-337-9217; Williams SWCD-419-636-9395. Below is summary of how the program will work and the funds available for each practice enrolled in the program.

 ·         Cover Crops plus and erosion reduction incentive: 500 acres are to be established each of the program years. Producers signed up and approved in the Brush Creek Watershed within Fulton, Henry and Williams Counties. This grant will target 20 producers each year so a total of 60 producers will be enrolled under the 3 year program. Each producer will be allowed up to 25 acres and be paid a flat rate of $35 per acre. Added to this payment will be an erosion reduction payment of $4/acre per Ton of soil saved or a maximum incentive of $300 per producer. Therefore a producer that establishes a cover crop will be eligible to receive $1,175 for a 25 acre of cover crop.

 ·         Buffer strips plus erosion control structures: 15 acres of buffers are to be established under this program plus a total of 15 structures for the 3 years of this program. Under this program producers will be able to enroll and install a buffer strip of a minimum of 10 feet - 20feet in a buffer along a ditch. The buffer planted without a structure must be maintained for 5years and with a structure to be maintained 10years. Each acre established will receive a $350 per acre flat rate cost share payment plus a one-time signing bonus of $500 per acre. If a structure is established it will receive a $1400 flat rate of cost share. Therefore a producer that enrolls a one acre buffer with a structure will be eligible for a $2,250.

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