CAP Backer Program

This program was developed to assist in outreach and education efforts on Ohio’s WLEB water quality concerns.   Lake Erie is a source of drinking water for millions, home to more than half of the fish in the Great lakes, and a draw for tourists.  Despite the actions of many organizations as well as the actions that farmers have taken to improve soil health and reduce fertilizer runoff, nutrients still continue to contribute to water quality problems. The agricultural community has launched a proactive and responsible commitment aimed at the long-term improvement of Lake Erie’s water quality. This effort advocates the use of 4R’s: Right Source of Nutrients at the Right Time and Right Rate in the Right Place. 

Past programs have helped farmers to utilize cover crops and installed controlled drainage structures, along with equipment to help with the deep placement of phosphorus. We believe that farmers as well as agricultural dealerships that adopt the use of 4R’s will be able to maximize their crop uptake and minimize nutrient loss which creates a long-term positive impact on water bodies associated with agricultural production.  

Thank you to our 2018 CAP Backers!






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